It is one of the cornerstones of the service and is the result of the skills and creativity of the company staff. Various technologies, solutions and materials are constantly evolving that we work on after setting specifications with the client.


It is one of the cornerstones of the service and is the result of the skills, and creativity of the company staff.
The service is developed from a thorough analysis of the customer's needs through the sharing of a path for the development and industrialization of the component.

Our task is to find the best balance between the performance, production and economic needs of the product, leveraging a great deal of experience with technopolymers and compounding possibilities, in-house built molds, and production options for which Bear Plast is well structured in terms of both capacity and technology.
FEM simulation

Once the product specifications are defined, the service is developed from the conception of the component to its 3D modeling closely related to the choice of material.

CAE process

Where advisable, structural FEM analysis CAE process simulations and prototypes are performed, and then the process moves from object to mold design through advanced software.



Design together, collaboratively mold plastic components by applying the golden rules of optimizing technopolymer artifacts with customer and mold requirements according to available budget and production specifications.

Choice of materials

It is one of the most important services with which we support the customer in defining the ideal polymer or compound considering the requirements of technical specification, price and supply.


"Mold flow" computer verification of object moldability. Definition of process conditions by verifying filling, flow and splice lines, process times, and expected deformations for optimal defect prevention.


Different options are available depending on the goal. Bear Plast offers in-house CNC-machined prototypes, prototypes from pilot molds, and as a service several prototype options from 3D printing such as Stereolithography, the FDM technique, and polymer and metal powder sintering.

Pilot molds

When it is necessary to get all performance, production, and aesthetic information from a prototype with a specific material, and to make a pre-series totally consistent with future production, that of the pilot mold remains the way to go.

Eco Design

Given that all thermoplastic engineering plastics are recyclable, Bear Plast applies special attention to both offering materials with reduced environmental impact, ( eco polymers, biopolymers, second-life materials, biodegradable and compostable) and in designing components with disassembly and recycling in mind at the end of life.

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