Post molding

Post Molding

Bear Plast punta a realizzare un servizio completo nella realizzazione di gruppi o sottogruppi o kit di prodotti facendo seguire allo stampaggio a iniezione una gamma di operazioni lavorazioni e attività post stampaggio quali assemblaggi, saldature a vibrazione, saldatura a ultrasuoni, verniciatura, cromatura galvanica, tampografia e serigrafia, collaudo e confezionamento. Le principali attività di queste sono svolte in apposito reparto interno.

Stampaggio di materie plastiche

Aziende stampaggio materie plastiche


Vibration and ultrasonic welding

They allow the physical assembly of multiple elements to make hollow bodies or complex assemblies. While ultrasonic welding is most often suitable for the assembly of small to medium objects made of rigid materials, ( e.g., impellers for pumps ) with vibration welding, assemblies of even large components and semi-rigid materials such as containers, ducts, boxes, distributors and dispensers are made.
The material brought to fusion on appropriately designed edges allows for strong welding without the need for glues of any kind.
These technologies require specific design and the fabrication of welding jigs appropriately made in-house.

Pad printing and screen printing

With these technologies it is possible to decorate in one or more colors, injection-molded plastic components for affixing necessary trademarks, graphics, instructions or technical notes on products. Pad printing offers the great advantage of being able to decorate shaped surfaces even in small and medium series without particular difficulty. In contrast, screen printing is more recommended for large numbers of components with flat or revolution surfaces. While the pad printing department is in-house, screen printing is done through zero-mile partners to minimize time and cost and maximize service.

Assemblies, supplies of assemblies and testing

We supply assembled and tested assemblies with bills of materials on many levels and numerous part numbers. To do this we directly manage the purchase of drawing components, inserts and commercial accessories that are an integral part of stamped parts or required in assembled kits. We also directly manage the higher-value stages for these activities by also making use of very flexible partners for typically handcrafted activities.

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