Quality Policy

Quality policy


Quality is a value traditionally associated with Bear Plast.

The quality system has been certified since 1998 and complies with UNI EN ISO9001-2015 "IIP and I Q-Net certificates." As per the manual, the "quality policy" is one of the founding documents of the system, which, out of all formalism, contains the real essence of how the company intends to position itself in the market.

Another distinguishing feature is undoubtedly the systematic study of the client's specifications through a very detailed and well-established procedure of collecting "client specifications" (link form to download for inquiries). More than 90 percent of potential problems arise from possible underestimations of any of the aspects being dissected.

The design, mold making, molding and validation process follows well-established flow diagrams designed to ensure verification and quality at every stage of the process. Attached are mold making and molding flowcharts.

From the study of customer specifications another key step is the construction of accurate control specifications, where it must always be clear what to control, how and when.

A fact not to be taken for granted is then the quality of raw materials given by decades of selection and qualification of the most suitable potential suppliers for the material needed also understood as best value for money.

Regarding controls, The in-house laboratory is equipped with ample instrumentation for the following controls: dimensional (gauges, micrometers, pass-non-pass pads); weight (precision scales with various scales); color (Minolta colorimeter); mechanical strength (500-8000 kg hydraulic press, torque wrenches); and pressure and leakage (hydraulic bench and leak detectors).

Through the in-house mold-making workshop, it is easy for us to make all kinds of templates and pads tailored to the product to be inspected.

Finally, our quality service is complemented by timely services of routine analysis and material characterization or investigation carried out through highly experienced zero-mile partner laboratory "Superlab."

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The laboratory

The in-house laboratory is equipped with extensive instrumentation for the following controls:

  • dimensional (calipers, micrometers, pass-non-pass pads);
  • Of Weight (precision scales with various scales);
  • Of Color (Minolta colorimeter);
  • of Resistance (hydraulic press 500-8000 kg, torque wrenches);
  • Of Pressure and leakage sealing (hydraulic bench and leak detectors);

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