PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)


Main variants, trademarks and trade names polyvinyl chloride for injection molding
PVC-U (rigid): Benvic, Starcom, Vinidur, Vinika, Vinuran, Vinoflex;
PVC-P (plasticized): Palatinol, Evicon, Mixvil.


Dyes, chalk, kaolin, quartz flour, carbon black.


PVC-U: Piping, fixtures, construction profiles, containers, valves, fittings, in pharmaceutical and food, medical and biomedical components.
PVC-P: Caps and bellows, elastic components, linings, hoses, gaskets, pneumatic dinghies, probes, boots, gloves, masks, diving articles, etc.

PP EPDMs are suitable for making gaskets, bellows, manifold mats, and grips especially through overmolding and co-molding.


Mostly amorphous and polar thermoplastic material.
Rigid PVC-U types have good mechanical properties, stiffness and hardness and in particular high chemical, weathering and UV resistance.
The inclusion of PVC-P plasticizer (20 to 60 percent) results in a 'wide range of hardnesses (50-100 Shore A). Translucent to transparent, depending on type. Colorable in all opaque shades.
Resistant to salt solutions, dilute acids, alkaline solutions, non-polar solvents, gasoline, mineral oil, grease, alcohol.

Not resistant to : polar solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbon ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons, benzole, liquid halogens, concentrated sulfuric and nitric acids.
It is self-extinguishing by nature.
It has excellent physiological behavior and a variety of food and medicinal types are available.
Oozing "migration" of plasticizer in P-types reduces resistance to 'aging.
Electrical characteristics not very good.
Zero water absorption.

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