1 PELD low density, PEHD high density (EVA)


Major brand names and trade names polyethylene for injection molding
PELD: Riblene, Escorene, Hexene, Hostalloy, Capilene, Tipelin, Dowles;
PELLD: Flexirene, Flexus, Lupolex;
PEHD: Eraclene, Lacqtene;
PEUHMW: Hostalen GUR, Histif;
EVAC (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer): Greenflex, Elvax.


Antistatic, dyes, plasticizers and flexibilizers, expanders, nucleants, antibacterials, UV stabilizers, self-lubricants.


  • Container molding
  • Molding water treatment accessories
  • Tank molding
  • Bottle molding, caps
  • Molding water and gas pipes, insulators, gears and sprockets
  • Molding pump components
  • Molding water treatment accessories and fittings
  • Battery container molding
  • Building component molding
  • Molding automotive wheels, guards and covers
  • Molding equipment for the chemical industry, feeders, mixers, guides, skids, hoppers, garden furniture, gardening accessories, sporting goods, detergent and food containers.

EVAC's compounds are suitable for making gaskets, masks, hoses, safety guards, shoe soles.


There is a very wide range of products and characteristics that vary according to density, chemical structure (branched or linear), and additives and combinations.
As crystallinity and molecular weight increase, mechanical properties, hardness, and temperature resistance usually increase.
It is easily processed by many technologies and is low in cost. Polyethylene is a crystalline thermoplastic with high chemical resistance and density less than 1 g/cm3.

It thus possesses light weight, fair mechanical properties even at low temperatures in copolymer and linear types. It is characterized by high elongation at break and possesses good friction behavior and anti-wear and aging characteristics. It possesses high chemical resistance and many formulations are suitable for food contact. Excellent electrical insulation and dielectric properties.
Low water absorption and vapor permeability.
EVAC (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) copolymers with increasing percentage of VA (3-20%) reduces hardness and increases flexibility.

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