Main variants, trademarks and trade names polycarbonate for injection molding
PC: Lexan, Makrolon, Myritol, Infino, Latilon, Pyralux;
PC+ ABS, PC+ASA: Bayblend, Taroblend, Latiblend, Vampalloy, Tinuvin, Cycoloy, Geloy;
PC+PET: Xenoy.


Glass fibers, glass microspheres, mineral fillers, carbon fiber, PTFE and MoS2, UV stabilizers, flame retardants, pigments.


  • Molding transparent containers
  • Medical component molding
  • Switch molding
  • Molding transparent screens
  • Molding impact shields
  • Molding lamp covers
  • Electronic component molding
  • CD Molding
  • Molding home appliance components, keyboards, binocular and camera bodies, lenses, filter cups, medical devices, medical components, motorcycle helmets, safety helmets, hair dryer bodies, protective eyewear, transparent panel pads
  • Molding lamps, projectors
  • Molding electrical connectors, protective shields, satellite dishes, traffic lights, flashing lights, switchboards


Materiale termoplastico ampiamente amorfo.
Basso assorbimento di H2O (< 0,5%). Elevata lucentezza superiore, elevato indice di rifrazione (1,587). Trasparente nella zona visiva (88%), policarbonati speciali “guidaluce” (Lisa, Bayer). Limpido, colorabile in tutte le tonalità trasparenti ed opache. Elevata resistenza meccanica e tenacità. Alta resistenza all’ urto. Elevato aumento del modulo E con l’aggiunta di carico vetroso.

Good electrical insulation characteristics, poorly dependent on % humidity and temperature. Excellent trimensional stability. Excellent stability to strong radiation and UV.
Good self-extinguishing and sterilization resistance. Sensitive to 'notching and internal stresses.
Partial chemical resistance, very poor to gasoline.
Odorless and tasteless, special types also for food.

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