Major brands and trade names acrylic polymers for injection molding
ABS for injection molding : Cycolac, Terluran, Novodur, Abistir, Axtrolac, Nevies, Lastilac, Latihom ABS, Starex, ABS LG Chem,
ABS TR: Transparent Terlux, Toyolac
ABS Alloy PC : Cycoloy, Bayblend, Taroblend,
ABS Alloy PA : Triax
ASA : Luran
SAN : Luran


Master dyes, glass fiber or glass ball reinforcement, self-extinguishing or halogen free flame retardant according to UL94 V0, anti-static, anti-UV, expanding, carbon fiber and metal fiber reinforced.
Types suitable for food contact and for very low temperatures available


  • Household appliance carcass molding
  • Molding electric and electronic toy cars
  • Molding office furniture components and accessories
  • Stamping electrical components
  • Radio equipment molding
  • TV molding
  • Molding audio, video, telephone accessories, lamps
  • Filter molding

Automotive components, chrome moldings, electrical boxes, various equipment containers, protective helmets, shielding components with electrically conductive types.
Toys, telephones, helmets, household appliances, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, cases, grills, panels, dashboards, household tools, bathroom accessories.


Fair mechanical properties and good impact resistance.
Low moisture absorption.
Non-transparent color due to incorporated elastomer.
Opaque yellowish-white, colorable in all opaque shades. New transparent types available.
Excellent aesthetic characteristics, excellent gloss and colorability.
Mechanically tough even at low temperatures and remarkably impact resistant, surface hard and well scratch resistant.
Good soundproofing characteristics as a result of high mechanical damping.

High surface and volume electrical resistance with very low electrostatic charge.
Much higher dielectric losses than PS.
Fair chemical resistance although amorphous. Not resistant to concentrated mineral acids, aromatic (benzole) and chlorinated hydrocarbons, esters, ethers, ketones, alcohols.
It is the main thermoplastic whose chromium plating is carried out on an industrial scale.
It is easily painted and decorated. Many self-extinguishing, heat-resistant, transparent, and high-impact-resistant types are available

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