Special Anti-Shrinkage Composite Materials

June 17, 2015

There are many applications in which friction and wear phenomena are expected between relative moving parts: gears,bench supports, cams, pivots, sliding surfaces, etc.
The materials traditionally used in the manufacture of these types of artifacts have historically been metals and ceramics.

For the past couple of decades and progressively, the possibilities have expanded with the use of a number of thermoplastic polymers that through special fillers and additives have achieved very interesting specific performance and once unthinkable fields of application.
The basic families that can be used are normally PP (polypropylene) PA6 and PA66 (polyamide-nylon) PBT, POM (Delrin acetal resin) PPS , PPA, PEEK.
Additives used to improve specific properties are Graphite, Molybdenum Bisulfide, Silicone, PTFE (e.g. Teflon) Carbon fibers, Aramid fibers (e.g. Kevlar).
These can also be used in synergistic combination to provide high performance at high and low speed, high or low load in static or dynamic conditions.

To each requirement a specific concrete answer in relation to project specifications: Cost, stability, dimensional, mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance.
Bear Plast has developed various applications for customers with the support of leading partners.

Specialties include Latilub products, details of which are summarized in these data sheets.

Download the informative Delrin low friction brochure.

Bear Plast has recently made major applications always with a focus on price-performance ratio.

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