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Bear Plast srl è una referenziata e consolidata realtà con 40 anni di esperienza nella concezione di articoli tecnici in plastica d’avanguardia in numerosissimi campi, che vanno dalla meccatronica all’elettromedicale, dal trattamento fluidi all’edile, dal ferroviario all’automotive.
La nostra peculiarità è la consulenza e lo studio delle applicazioni plastiche


Articoli tecnici in plastica

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Your plastic partner

We assist technical and R&D departments in the conception, development and optimization of innovative components, ensuring cost reductions compared to more traditional approaches.
"We don't sell plastics but we sell solutions."

The relationship is developed from an in-depth analysis of the client's need through the proposition and sharing of a more or less articulated development and industrialization path depending on the state of affairs and the existence or non-existence of specifications defined or to be implemented (conception, modeling, choice of materials, simulations, prototypes, verifications, specifications, equipment, production, specifications and testing, and quality assurance).

Our task is to harmonize and find the best balance between performance, production and economic requirements by leveraging a great deal of experience on materials, molds, produced in-house, and production options for which Bear Plast is well structured in terms of both capacity and technology.


To consolidate its role as a technology partner in the field of plastics for major industrial companies with a vocation for innovation.


Realizing a complete service in the subcontracting of injection molded technical plastic components in thermoplastic polymers.
Bear Plast Srl finds among its strengths a group of people and an organization adapted to the company's mission.
The service is effective thanks to a high level of in-house skills and equipment, as well as a "network" of first-rate partners.
This is developed through numerous stages such as co-designer, material selection, prototype design, prototype fabrication, plastic mold construction, molding and ancillary processing also managed as prime contractor of complex products.


In the context of an established quality system that ensures controlled process management, Bear Plast is a lean company that dynamically pursues efficiency and what is "value" for the customer through Lean Plastic logics.

Articoli tecnici in plastica industriale

Human Resources

The skills of employees and their sense of belonging to the company, are a core value for management. Function managers and employees follow an ongoing training program carried out through both internal and external resources and facilities.

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Our evolution

Bear Plast is a company founded in 1975 by Arturo Bedogni after mold-making experience started in 1959 with Miselli and Bedogni.

Today Bear Plast is led by children Marco (CEO) and Lorella (Administration), where organization and innovation find solid roots and values.

The spirit of the founder still president today, still the basis of the company mission, has always been to combine with service and quality, the application of the ever new polymeric materials. Yesterday simply plastics, technopolymers, super-polymers and biopolymers with innovative performance.

Beyond a gradual growth that has occurred selectively, the company has consolidated its know-how and constantly evolved, both in terms of organization, technology, production capacity and synergy with customers.

Photos by Marco Bedogni

Historic Bear Plast photo press

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Establishment via Monari


Plant 2 Via Mazzacurati


First Certification


European Sim Mould Project


Press fleet expansion and real-time data collection


Insert gas assisted molding technology


Insert pad printing technology


Insertion vibration and ultrasonic welding technology


Insertion of central dehumidification system


Finite capacity production schedule development


R&D project new technopolymers and biopolymers


Photovoltaic system installation plant 1


Coffeefrom Participation - Innovative Start Up



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