Assemblaggi e collaudi

"Experienced people, who using technologies according to the state of the art with creativity and passion, offer appropriate solutions to the most diverse production needs."
L’assemblaggio punta a ridurre al massimo per il cliente il numero di codici da acquistare.

Assemblaggi di sistemi complessi

Gestire e contestualmente farci carico di aspetti anche logistici di assemblaggi di sistemi complessi.
Per questo, sia con risorse interne che esterne, siamo in grado di gestire in modo controllato la fornitura di gruppi complessi, inclusa la gestione di ulteriori trattamenti quali verniciature e cromature.

pump FEM design

Types of molds made

- Pilot molds
- Molds for small, medium and large series
- Real-time maintenance, repair and modification
- Mold management purchased in China

Key points in construction

- Standardized structures and fittings of quality
- Wide range of options in steels
- High-speed machining with high-performance tools
- Plunge and wire EDM
- Wide range of heat treatments
- Wide range of finishes according to standardized references ( polishing, EDM, photoengraving)

Main types of molds and solutions adopted

- Pilot Molds
- Multi-cavity molds for high production
- Hot runner molds
- Sandwich molds
- Molds with automatic unscrewing
- Extensive history of applied solutions for carts, unscrewing, open mold and closed mold movements managed with interface on the presses.
- Molds with maximum dimensions 1400 x 800

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